Complete service package from a single source

At UNiQUARE, your credit institution receives the complete service package from a single source. WE deliver a highly standardized product, adapted to your specific requirements and integrated into the IT landscape and processes. This is followed by support and further development.

Throughout your solution’s entire life cycle, UNiQUARE will remain your partner. We will provide you with advice based on our industry and IT expertise.

We support our customers through all challenges and build long-term mutually beneficial customer relationships.

The range of services and the UNiQUARE products are designed for all bank types and sizes. Owing to our many years of experience, we can drive forward the optimization, automation and digitalization process together with your financial institution. We are a highly qualified solutions partner dealing with private customers, SMEs and corporate customers, as well as in private banking.

Standard products



Further development


Standard products



Further development


Standard products

The UNiQUARE Banking Suite includes standard products that are modular in structure and can be individually assembled. Thanks to tried-and-tested components, we can easily meet specific requirements of the bank and ensure a short time-to-market. UNiQUARE Banking Suite products are platform-independent, user-friendly, scalable and seamlessly integrated into existing IT landscapes. It focuses on end-to-end processes across the bank’s distribution channels. All relevant participants, products and systems of the bank are integrated into these processes ensuring efficient and transparent processes.

Standard products

Our product has a modular structure and focuses on customer-oriented end-to-end processes in various business areas of a bank. We ensure efficient, transparent processes employing all relevant consultants, experts and products.  State-of-the-art architecture of the product makes it platform-independent, user-friendly and scalable.


UNiQUARE CRM offers banks and financial service providers the platform for successful customer relationships. The capture of complete customer data and the integration into the bank’s IT landscape ensure the mapping of complex issues and bank-specific business cases. Guided and automated processes enable efficient sales. Customer advisors can focus on the individual needs of their customers. They know that all regulatory and risk-related aspects are being taken care of.

UNiQUARE CRM is in its sixth generation and thus the most innovative and at the same time the most mature Customer Relationship Management System available to the financial services industry.

UNiQUARE CRM enables efficient sales and high level of customer service. It is fully integrated and ensures the completeness and high quality of your customer data and history, providing a real 360 ° view.

UNiQUARE CRM offers fully or partially automated processes that support the consultant with customer-specific and needs-based tips, offers and consultation techniques. This significantly increases the chances of success in acquiring new customers, maintaining customer loyalty and exploiting the customer potential. These no longer depend solely on the qualifications and experience of the consultant.

Our CRM helps you to efficiently implement all customer-oriented processes necessary for legal compliance.


UNiQUARE LOAN covers all consulting, processing and evaluation for financing in private and corporate customer business. Customer advisors are supported in processing financing more quickly through guided processes, automation and external data inputs. Regulatory risks are reduced by the laid down rules. Banks and financial service providers benefit from reduced process costs achieved by process optimization and the efficient use of all sales channels.

UNiQUARE LOAN covers the entire consulting, procurement and administration processes for all financing products in the private and corporate client business.

It supports the financial institution in process optimization and digitization. It promotes the most efficient use of all distribution channels and moves work steps to the customer.

The system provides standard interfaces to all relevant third-party systems and allows e.g. an object valuation at the touch of a button. The result is early clarity about the feasibility of the project, risk minimization and personalized, customized financing solutions. System-managed processing reduces process costs and complexity. This ensures an efficient end-to-end process.

UNiQUARE offers a very sophisticated IT early warning system for monitoring and early recognition of impend payment failures according to the Basel requirements.


UNiQUARE BRANCH is a process-oriented, highly standardized solution for the optimal execution of the entire classic banking business.

The solution is able to fully reflect the bank organization with complex branch and partner networks and streamline relevant business processes. It achieves high efficiency in the settlement of the classic business of a financial institution (transactions, cash, cashless, accounts, safes, cards, etc.).

UNiQUARE BRANCH also uses the universally applicable omnichannel approach of UNiQUARE solutions. For the classic banking business such as opening a current or savings account it uses the most efficient channels and shifts individual steps to the customer. For example, a full online account opening takes just 10 minutes, including the identification process.


Our tried and tested product takes into account regional specifics and current regulations. Our individualization approach goes a step further. We use our extensive configuration options to adapt the solutions in the best possible way to the vision, requirements and wishes of a financial institution. The target setting includes the initial configuration of the relevant core processes.


Our customers benefit from future-oriented standard products that at the same time take account of regional specifics and current market conditions. Our approach to individualization goes one step further by adapting the solutions as best as possible to the visions, requirements and wishes of a financial institution.

The modular structure of all our standard products provides a solid basis for such individualization. Instead of a complete renewal of the IT landscape, the bank will integrate not only UNiQUARE components but also existing, well-proven legacy systems into the optimized overall process. The smooth, transparent process flow across all communication channels of the bank is possible thanks to the seamless integration with all relevant internal and external systems.

The result is a solution tailored to the financial institution with all the advantages of a standard product, which is field-tested, reliable and continuously developed.


We ensure smooth project implementation. To ensure our software is used to its full potential, we support the integration with the bank’s existing IT landscape and the implementation of individual requirements that are not yet catered for in our product. We support our new customers with data migration to ensure smooth operation from day one.


UNiQUARE is a product and implementation company at the same time. We are your only contact point from day one and throughout the lifecycle of your solution. In addition to ensuring a smooth project implementation, we place a particular emphasis on knowledge transfer. Our employees are experts in software for the financial industry and have extensive experience in implementing innovative projects with banks on three continents.

For the implementation of our products, we rely on recognized, standardized project procedures, adapted to the specifics of the financial industry, that are anchored in our processes. Depending on the wishes and structures of the financial institution, we can use agile methods, classic waterfall models and a wide variety of hybrid variants.

UNiQUARE cooperates with many of the leading complementary third-party vendors on the market to ensure fast and smooth overall project delivery.

Quality is UNiQUARE’s top priority in project implementation. Our quality is underpinned by relevant certifications, ongoing training and the use of modern and efficient tools. The anchoring of TQM (Total Quality Management) throughout the company and a high level of service in all areas round off our quality promise.

Maintenance and further development

Our maintenance guarantees trouble-free operation and keeps the solution up to date. This makes it easy to meet regulatory and safety-related requirements. The customer benefits from our use of employees who have implemented the solution and know it inside out.

We continually invest in our product. The product roadmap is determined in cooperation with our customers. You benefit from innovation and from the community through constant product upgrades. Your solution can be individually expanded at any time within the modular system.

Maintenance and further development

Maintenance is an integral part of UNiQUARE’s service offering and includes a variety of services to help ensure that your solution runs smoothly and remains up-to-date. In doing so, we offer our customers a major advantage: the same people who have implemented your solution and know it by heart, are now responsible for its maintenance.

The further development of our products is carried out in close cooperation with our customers. In addition to the ongoing improvement and expansion, individual customer requests are regularly evaluated and included in the future versions of the product, if appropriate. Thus, our customers benefit from UNiQUARE’s and community’s innovation. The customer-friendly upgrade policy completes our high level of service. You decide when and to what extent you want to upgrade to the next version

The modular and parameterizable nature of our products, based on the latest technology, ensures easy adaptation of your solution to your future requirements. At any time, you can add any other modules from the UNiQUARE portfolio. This allows your solution to be extended with additional products, channels, customer groups and functions – all within one system.


Saving potential in the loan application processing


Reduction of loan application processing time


Possibility of cross- and upselling increase

80 minutes

Additional net marketing time per advisor per day

Technical Highlights

Our Banking Suite consists of cloud-enabled IT systems that are either operated by our business customers on site (on the customer’s infrastructure, “on premise”) or by us in the cloud. This is done individually, according to customer requirements.

  • Multi-tenancy, multi-currency and multi-language capability
  • Omnichannel capability: all relevant communication and distribution channels are integrated as part of the end-to-end process
  • JEE-compliant component architecture: scalable and highly available; independence of operating system and application server
  • Integration into the existing infrastructure: interfaces to existing banking systems as well as third-party systems and services
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): standardized business functionality as invokable services (reusable, interchangeable, orchestrated, extensible)
  • Standardized data models (individually expandable)
  • Device independence: whether on a stand-alone device, notebook, tablet or smartphone – our solutions are available on all devices and adapt to them in the best possible way

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