UNiQUARE Software Development GmbH is a 100% privately owned innovative family business with a tradition. Founded in 1988, it is now continued by the second generation of the owner family representatives.


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30 years successful history

1988 – 1998

“Business with friends”

  • Founding of GENESiS Software & Consulting GmbH and moving into the present headquarters at 9, Lannerweg in Krumpendorf, Austria
  • Launch of the 1st generation of today’s products UNiQUARE BRANCH followed by UNiQUARE CRM
  • All products/solutions run on client-server technology
  • GENESiS is one of the first software companies in Austria to be certified according to ISO
GENESiS wins projects in:

1998 – 2008

“Software for successful banks”

  • Renaming into UNiQUARE Software Development GmbH
  • Establishment of Theta Service Partner Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Switch to component-oriented products/solutions
  • Vera Led is appointed to the Management Board
  • First solutions in the field of UNiQUARE LOAN and subsequent launch of the 1st generation of LOAN
  • Switch to browser-based technology for all products/solutions
UNiQUARE wins projects in:

 2008 – 2018

“Software for unique visions”

  • Switch to SOA (Service-oriented architecture)
  • Michael Schwarzenbacher and Boris Grasser are appointed to the management, Dietmar Schwarzenbacher withdraws from the operational management
  • Introduction of cloud solutions
  • UNiQUARE applications are now also ported onto tablets and mobile devices
  • Founding of two subsidiary companies – MAKLERNET VA GmbH and FMP Finanzdiensleistungs GmbH
UNiQUARE wins projects in:

Subsidiaries and joint ventures

FMP Finanzdienstleistungs GmbH was founded in May 2016 with the product optio.

optio is the first Austrian bank-independent, web-based, digital B2B financial marketplace for real estate financing. optio connects financial service providers (intermediaries / consultants) with credit product providers (banks) via a common B2B platform without media discontinuity.


In April 2016, MAKLERNET VA GmbH with the product VERA was founded.

VERA is the smart, efficient, easy-to-use and innovative broker management program. VERA offers process-driven processes, is intuitive, supports the user in entering and seamless electronic documentation of customer data and is ready for immediate use.


Founded in 1999, Theta works with major banks in the ASEAN region and specializes in providing credit solutions to banks in Asia.

Theta has specialized in banking loan workflow solutions since its inception.


Headquarters – home of  UNiQUARE

Since July 1989, the headquarters of UNiQUARE is located at 9, Lannerweg in Krumpendorf (Austria). The building complex consists of 2 buildings – the so-called old and new building.

The brick building was built on the basis of the design by Frank Lloyd Wright and reconstructed and extended by the Ljubljana architect Prof. Pavlin.

The new building has been fitted with a mirrored façade to meet Wright’s demands for harmony with nature and the environment.