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Welcome aboard, dear Tobias,

Tobias Rochlitz has recently joined our optio division as Head of Partner Management. Tobias has many years of experience in real estate financing and has an in-depth expertise in the area of brokerage platforms. He makes a significant contribution to the success of the optio financial marketplace.

Tobias describes himself as balanced and stubborn. He is a new dad and newcomer to Carinthia. He is looking forward to an exciting job at optio and to many opportunities for stand-up paddling on Lake Wörthersee.

Dear Tobias, we are  delighted to have you in our team and wish you and your family a good start in the UNiQUARE group of companies and in Carinthia.

Let’s talk about… Tobias Rochlitz #teamuniquare

1. Your last position before UNiQUARE ?
Product manager at Interhyp Gruppe in Munich

2. Describe yourself in 3 words…
Balanced, stubborn & (a little) crazy

3. First thing I do at the office…
Open the window

4. How do you spend your free time? (hobbies, sport, balance to work)
Lately a lot in the playground with my son, cycling & SUP

5. What must always be in your wardrobe?
Swimming trunks and lederhosen

6. What is your favorite place?
At Cythera, a remote Greek island

7. Without which technical device couldn’t you live?
A phone that tells me where to go:)

8. What career advice would you give to young people?
It matters less which training path/study etc. you choose. It is more important that you enjoy doing it and remain open to learning new things.

9. Do you have a life motto?
Always look on the bright side of life.

10. What long-term wish have you fulfilled?
Parental leave with a long trip to Greece

11. Your childhood hero/heroine…
Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) with Richie Moser

12.What excites me…
Technology that brings real added value to people

13. What is at the top of your private to-do list?
Explore Carinthia

14. Morning lark or early bird?
My son made me an early riser