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Welcome aboard, dear Patrick,

Patrick Sussitz has recently strengthened our team. Patrick brings with him over 20 years of valuable experience at various Austrian banks.
He describes himself as reliable, pragmatic and resilient. He likes to spend his free time traveling and exploring new cultures.

At UNiQUARE, Patrick will use his broad expertise to enhance our projects as a business analyst.
We are delighted to have you in our team!

You can learn more about Patrick from an interview: Let’s talk about… Patrick Sussitz #teamuniquare

1. Your last position before UNiQUARE ?
Regional Manager for Carinthia, East Tyrol and Styria at DOPGAS

2. Describe yourself in 3 words…
Reliable, pragmatic, resilient

3. First thing I do at the office…

4. How do you spend your free time? (hobbies, sport, balance to work)
Travel, culture, a little sport

5. What must always be in your wardrobe?

6. What is your favorite place?
A Caribbean island

7. Without which technical device couldn’t you live?
Coffee machine

8. What career advice would you give to young people?
Be consistent and goal-oriented – seize your opportunities

9. Do you have a life motto?
You cannot make everyone happy, you are not a cake

10. What long-term wish have you fulfilled?
Holidays in Africa

11. Your childhood hero/heroine…
It’s been a long time – but I liked the Enid Blyton books, even if they no longer fit the present times 

12.What excites me…
Good food

13. What is at the top of your private to-do list?
See a few more countries like Zambia, Kenya and Alaska

14. Morning lark or early bird?
Early bird