You are currently viewing Interview on International Girls in ICT Day 2023

We celebrate the International Girls in ICT Day today. The slogan for the day is “Digital Skills for Life”. As an IT company with around 30% women, we have always attached particular importance to the heterogeneity of our team. Our CEO Michael Schwarzenbacher feels very strongly about getting more girls excited about IT. He took this day as an opportunity to ask one of our young female interns about her experience and impressions of UNiQUARE.

In her interview, the 14-year-old pupil Valentina from the 4th grade of the lower school tells us about her first insight into working life that she gained during her 4-day trial internship at UNiQUARE. She also talks about what excites her about information and communication technologies.

  1. What led you to UNiQUARE?
    From school we had to do 4 trial days in a company. I see my professional future in the IT industry, therefore I chose UNiQUARE.
  2. There are still few girls in technical professions, why are you interested in IT and technology?
    It is probably have hereditary as my father works in the IT industry.
  3. Can you imagine yourself working in the field of information and communication technologies?
  4. How was your internship (trial days) at UNiQUARE? What particularly interested or excited you?
    I enjoyed the trial days at the company very much. The CISO area inspired me the most.
  5. What are your plans after completing the 4th grade in the lower school?
    I’ll go into computer science stream at HTL Villach (high technical school) in the fall.
  6. Has our internship affected influenced your decision?
    I had already known that I wanted to do something in the IT direction but the internship made me even more certain.
  7. Have you already plans about your career choice?
    I would like to do something in the technical field, but I don’t know exactly what yet.
  8. Is there anything you would like to share with other girls in terms of IT and technology?
    It’s a really interesting area. I

Dear Valentina, we thank you for the interview. We wish you and all the girls and young women all the best, in whichever direction your further education will take you. We wish you success in achieving your goals. Have the courage to realize your dreams and go your own way.