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Welcome, dear Dominik! Nice to have you in our team.

Dominik Jöbstl recently strengthened the team of our subsidiary MAKLERNET in the IT support & helpdesk area with his know-how from the insurance industry. Dominik is competent and always friendly. He handles customer enquiries about VERA – a clever, efficient, user-friendly and innovative broker management program.

Dominik describes himself as a team player, ambitious and reliable. In his spare time he enjoys various sports, photography and travel.

You can learn more about Dominik from an interview: Let’s talk about… Dominik Jöbstl #teamuniquare

1. Your last position before UNiQUARE ?
Customer representative at an insurance company

2. Describe yourself in 3 words…
Team player, ambitious and reliable

3. First thing I do at the office…
A cup of coffee with colleagues and preparation for the day’s work

4. How do you spend your free time? (hobbies, sport, balance to work)
Tennis, football, photography and videos (drones), a walk with my dog, in summer at the lake/sea with the stand-up paddle, short trips

5. What must always be in your wardrobe?
A t-shirt perfectly matching my shoes

6. What is your favorite place?
A beach in Croatia

7. Without which technical device couldn’t you live?

8. What career advice would you give to young people?
No matter how difficult it seems to achieve a goal, always keep at it. Master your goal in the best possible way. Take every opportunity for further education to be successful

9. Have you a life motto?
It’s the moments that count, not the things.

10. What long-term wish have you fulfilled?
My car and my flat renovation

11. Your childhood hero/heroine…
Pokemon 🙂

12.What excites me…
Photography, filming and travel

13. What is at the top of your private to-do list?
Holiday in Dubai, house renovation

14. Morning lark or night owl?
Definitely morning lark