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We are delighted about the introduction of our colleague Natalia Bouwmeester (Head of Marketing & Communications) as company representative and BFC expert by BFC Business Frauen Center (Business Women Center). We are happy to further the subject of diversity together.

BFC Business Frauen Center (Business Women Center):

We are pleased to welcome Natalia Bouwmeester not only as a company representative of UNiQUARE Software Development GmbH, but also as a new BFC expert. First and foremost, she values the great #diversity in the company:

“We come from around 10 nations and speak 15 languages. We are proud that we now have around 30% of women, which is a very high proportion for this industry. As a new mother, I also benefit from the incredible flexibility of UNiQUARE. It offers, especially to parents, versatile part-time models adapted to individual needs. This applies even in managerial positions and allows a problem-free return after parental leave in balance with family life.”

We, for our part, are proud to have gained UNiQUARE as an innovative company member with which we will be able to launch many joint initiatives and projects.

Statement picture:

We are an international IT company. From the time of our founding in the 1980s, we have placed particular value on the heterogeneity, equal opportunities and diversity of our team.
I am a mother, a Carinthian by choice and a woman in a management position. Hence, I personally appreciate the equal opportunities anchored in the UNiQUARE’s corporate culture.

Picture: ©BFC Business Frauen Center