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BFC Business Frauen Center (Business Women Center) presents UNiQUARE, represented by our CEO Michael Schwarzenbacher, as a family-friendly, attractive employer and partner of the BFC network.

All companies within the region face a similar challenge: how to be an attractive employer and attract the best minds for the team. Michael Schwarzenbacher – the new sole CEO of the internationally operating Carinthian IT company UNiQUARE Software Development GmbH takes it on:

“It is important to me that our whole team becomes even more aware of our strengths so that we can use them with confidence. These strengths have always included our family friendliness and equal opportunities. It is still primarily women who suffer professionally in favor of their families unless they get the appropriate flexibility and support from their employer. At UNiQUARE we have a clear commitment to their support. It is also shown by numerous certifications and memberships, including the BFC Business Women Center since 2021. Our current common focus is on the promotion of (junior) managers; primarily women with young children – e.g. as part of the MiM program (Mama im Management).”

We are delighted to have Uniquare, a strong partner on board in our mission for #chancengleichkeit (equal opportunities) and #diversity. #BFC company membership demonstrates your commitment and your employees benefit from the BFC offer. All the information is available here:

Translation statement picture:

It is obvious to me that I have to support employees in finding a balance between work and family without sacrificing their professional development. Therefore, my challenge is to offer the employees modern working conditions. The BFC membership is a part of it.

Picture: ©Gernot Gleiss
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