You are currently viewing Our CEO in focus of “Essentials on Leadership Vol 2.“ – Shaping the Future of Leadership

Last week our CEO, Vera Led was in focus of the online lecture series “Essentials on Leadership Vol 2.“ – Shaping the Future of Leadership of M/O/T School of Management, Organizational Development and Technology of Universität Klagenfurt presented by Rita Faullant and Gernot Mödritscher.

Vera shared her experience and talked about the changes in corporate- and management culture during the period of remote work, the ways in which UNiQUARE, as a family-friendly company, supports its employees in the best possible way, but also about her perspective on individuality and standard company guidelines. She also spoke about her personal experience: how she as a woman in IT has broken many stereotypes – consciously or unconsciously – and why she considers sports to be the most important school in life.

The lecture series reports about entrepreneurs and managers that are now being challenged more than ever due to digitization, customer behavior changes, dynamic developments, increasing diversity, changes in corporate processes and cultures and in the second year of the pandemics.