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In February, the virtual Apprenticeship Fair in Klagenfurt took place for the second time. As an enthusiastic technician, our CEO Vera Led was invited to a panel discussion at the Women’s Power Day, together with three other representatives of technical professions.

It has been always particularly important to our CEO to inspire more women for technical jobs. Based on that, she advises all young girls and women to have the courage to be one of the few – instead of one among many – and to follow their own path. If young women are interested in technology, they should not be kept bound by other people’s doubts. They should screen the variety of apprenticeship professions and opportunities instead, such as apprenticeship with a higher technical college degree.
Any headwind shall be regarded as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. Checking numerous exciting training opportunities and having the curiosity to try something new is always worthwhile.

Learn more in the video footage of the panel discussion:

Start of the panel discussion 2:00:51 (German)

mit UNiQUARE CEO Vera Led am Frauenpowertag der Lehrlingsmesse

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