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It’s our birthday – UNiQUARE turns 33! We’ve asked two of our employees what they particularly appreciate about UNiQUARE (founded as GENESiS). Hans Wernle has been on board for almost 33 years and Yoeri von der Horst has been part of our UNiQUARE family for 3 years.

Interview with Hans Wernle (started at UNiQUARE, at that time GENESiS, 33 years ago):

What was your way to UNiQUARE?
At the age of 30, I came across a newspaper announcement (“11 programmers wanted, in-house training guaranteed”) of GENESiS having a very different background (geographer). I had dreamt of this job at the age of 21. An interview with the company founder Dietmar Schwarzenbacher followed that is unthinkable nowadays. It was an enjoyable, informal conversation wearing very casual clothes and sneakers on the way to the Triglav Mountain. I will never forget it. From the very beginning, we have been on the first name basis.

What are the 3 aspects that you particularly appreciate about UNiQUARE?

  • Open family company: EVERYTHING has been and is addressable
  • Handling heights and depths together
  • Exciting, but also challenging variety of the projects and customers, that I has been proud to work on

How would you describe UNiQUARE in 3 terms?

  • A wild bunch of highly diverse personalities
  • Team spirit has the top priority
  • Superb social competence

Interview with Yoeri van der Horst (part of our family for 3 years):

What was your way to UNiQUARE?

I came across UNiQUARE upon my graduation from the Federal Commercial Academy. Unfortunately, it hadn’t worked right away, but the company had impressed me so much that I contacted them again with my motivation letter. This is when I got my chance to join the team. I quickly recognized the company’s expectations and had a great support from great colleagues. After only three months, I started my first project as a Business Consultant in the LOAN area and have been leading this project until today. I’ve been with UNiQUARE for three years now and I am planning to stay here for a long time.

What are the 3 aspects that you particularly appreciate about UNiQUARE?

  • The doors are always open, everyone has a willing ear, regardless of whether they are colleagues, department managers or top management
  • Every opinion is valued equally, independent of your job role
  • A great team with many different personalities that form a strong common front

How would you describe UNiQUARE in 3 terms?

  • Loyality
  • Teamwork first
  • Every day brings a new ambitious and interesting challenge