You are currently viewing UNiQUARE and one year corona

Exactly one year ago, on March 16, 2020, the 1st lockdown started in Austria. Wir at UNiQURE closed up our premises and continued working from at home. Today we draw a positive balance of these unusual 12 months.

We have managed to keep up the high quality of our customer relationships and projects, even though

… we have only worked 3 months in normal operating mode (hybrid model of office and home days), and

… our business trips have reduced by 94%.

More than that, we have managed to grow our UNiQUARE family by 15%.

We have learned that one can manage these times, embracing the change, being flexible and showing a bit our courage. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to post corona times with constructive face-to-face meetings, our beloved employee events, mutual sports activities and personal care of relationships with our customers and partners.

We hope to see you soon!