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Our CEO Vera Led spoke in an interview with the newspaper Kleine Zeitung about the way we deal with the Corona situation. As a software company, we are well prepared even for such times. From the 1st day on, the entire team has been working from at home. The topic of digitization is becoming increasingly important, therefore we are confident that we will continue growing.© Kleine Zeitung, 25.04.2020Translation of the article:Vera Led UNiQUARE Software DevelopmentGently and steadily moving forwardSoftware enterprise keeps growingOur crisis team decided already on the 13th of March that all our 120 employees would work from home. Thus, we have been working at the normal pace since then to make it easy for our customers and partners. As a software developer and service provider to the financial sector we are in a privileged position. We observe that in the market the Coronavirus situation triggers thought processes leading to more intensive digitalization. Our enterprise has been growing already and will grow further. The situation of the elderly shows that that legal e-identity is necessary for digital power of attorney. I have not downloaded Corona App. I am a lot at home and as an IT professional I am interested in the disclosure of the source. We need a gentle and continuous way out of the crisis so that the damage does not persist. We must help the badly shaken sectors like gastronomy. Children and working people need the important social contacts again.