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Boris, Teresa (ohne "h"), Emilia Grasser, Uniquare

The newspaper Kärntner Wirtschaft (Carinthian Economics) mentions us as one of the 16 Carinthian companies that received the seal “”family-friendly employer”” in 2019. For UNiQUARE, the family is very important. In a very special feel-good working environment, employees receive many social benefits and great flexibility to be able to balance their work and family lives.© WKO, Kärntner Wirtschaft Nr. 6 vom 28.02.2020Picture:- GrasserBoris©LobitzerMarionTranslation of the article:Kärntner Wirtschaft 200228The Focus Is on Families16 companies in Carinthia were awarded the badge of the “”Family-friendly employer””- (Familien-­freundlicher Arbeitgeber)The certificates “Family-friendly employers 2019 were awarded in Vienna. Federal Minister Christina Aschbacher honored 110 Austrian employers for their family-friendly commitment. For the award, the companies successfully participated in the “work and family audit process, in which they developed tailor-made family-friendly measures with the employees.A family-friendly personnel policy brings lasting positive effects. Employees are happier and loyalty to the company is also stronger. 16 Carinthian companies were also honored, including Hilfswerk Kärnten (Carinthian aid organization). Hilfswerk Kärnten president Elisabeth Scheucher-Pichler explains the importance of family friendliness: “It is important for us to take new measures that enable combining family and work. Flexible working hours, childcare offers, but also offers in the area of occupational health promotion are just a few examples of this. CISC-Semiconductor was also honored. Managing Director Markus Pistauer knows how important family support is: “Balance between work and leisure has been a priority in our company for a long time: Working hours can largely be freely designed. If required, one can also work from home. This makes it easier to combine family and work. The pleasant working atmosphere creates a feel-good factor. Andrea Toplitsch from Dekoster in Eberndorf reports on the idea of founding a company that guarantees flexibility: “Over the years, we have consistently implemented numerous family-friendly measures so that our team can achieve work-life-balance in everyday life.””Hirsch Servo from Glanegg was also awarded the certificate. Managing Director Harald Kogler explains the importance of work-life balance: “”With the certificate, we can show that our family friendliness is real.””Family Friendly EmployersThese Carinthian companies are family friendly:Teutonic Order Hospital FriesachArchitects RonacherBKS BankCISC SemiconductorThe RonacherTherme and Spa ResortDekosterHilfswerk KärntenHirsch servoHotel SandwirthInfineon TechnologiesKelag CarinthiaAdvertising agency KrassgrünStadtwerke KlagenfurtUNiQUARE Software DevelopmentWeissenseer Holz System BauCarinthian Economic Promotion FundThe family is very important to them“”The aim of participating in the audit was and is to expand and consolidate the working conditions and the working atmosphere in the company. A team can only work really well if the climate is right and everyone feels comfortable in their workplace. I and my team are proud of this certification. David Pirker with wife Sarah and son Jonathan at the ceremony,Advertising Agency Krassgrün, Villach”We at UNiQUARE Software Development in Krumpendorf rely on a comfortable work environment and a comprehensive information policy. We are not just about childcare, but also about caring for relatives. Many voluntary social benefits and great flexibility are an integral part of our corporate culture. Boris Grasser with his daughters Teresa and Emilia,UNiQUARE Software Development, Krumpendorf