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Today’s article of the newspaper Kleine Zeitung reports about UNiQUARE as a family-friendly employer and about its recent certification by the Austrian Federal Chancellery. From the very beginning, this topic has had a high priority at UNiQUARE. Flexible working time arrangements, adjusted to each phase of life, together with many advantages such as flexible worktime, in-house gym, mobile massage, employee events for the whole family, etc. make UNiQUARE a very special employer for life. Not without reason, our employees have an average of 13.5 years with UNiQUARE. We now proudly hold the proof that we go in the right direction with our efforts. More than that, we are already working on implementation of the newly won impulses in order to further increase the well-being of our employees.Do you want to be part of the UNiQUARE family? Get in touch: https://www.uniquare.com_test/en/working-at-uniquareTranslation of the article:Where job and family are fully compatiblePicture: Natalia Bouwmeester internal auditor at UNiQUARECarinthian company UNiQUARE puts family friendliness to the testFamily friendliness and work-life balance are on everyone’s lips but what is really behind it? ‘We have very personal approach to our employees’ clarifies Natalia Bouwmeester, who is responsible for marketing and communication at UNiQUARE. ‘At every phase in life, one has private challenges and needs along one’s work. As an employer, we give each of our employees the necessary flexibility’ says Natalia. UNiQUARE offers work time schedules fitting individual needs, quick and simple arrangements and part-time work, even in leading positions. Additional benefits include an in-house fitness center, mobile massage, annual employee events and many others. All this flexibility makes UNiQUARE a very special employer.This year, UNiQUARE put its family friendliness to the test and subjected itself to the ‘work-and-family’ audit by the office of the Federal Chancellor. The company culture was thoroughly ‘x-rayed’ and left nothing to be desired. ‘We passed the audit with flying colors’ says Natalia, the UNiQUARE’s internal auditor. This positive outcome is not surprising: UNiQUARE is a company for life. There is a reason why the average service time at UNiQUARE is 13.5 years. The company founder Dietmar Schwarzenbacher, considered the employee well being very important from the very beginning of UNiQUARE in the 1980s. And, even today, the company top management actively supports the relevant initiatives. ‘We are proud that we maintain and further develop this employee friendly culture. We see the certification we have achieved as a proof of correctness of our many efforts.’ says Natalia.Do you want to become a member of the UNiQUARE family? You will find vacancies and further information at:– https://www.uniquare.com_test/en/working-at-uniquare