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We are proud of one of our youngest and very successful go-lives! DADAT Bank was voted the best direct bank in Austria by the Austrian Association for Consumer Studies. In a very short time the bank has been equipped with the UNiQUARE’s Online Consumer Loan product adapted to the its needs to keep up with its fast growth.- are pleased to accompany DADAT on their path to success with our online consumer credit.Read more in the interview with the CEO of DADAT Bank, Mr Ernst Huber, MBA.–dadat–.php© DADAT BankTranslation of the article:- From Austrian financial portal– An Interview with Ernst Huber the CEO of DadatErnst Huber (Dadat): “”Aims to be the most innovative and flexible direct bank””by Thomas BrummerThe Dadat Bank from Salzburg was voted the best direct bank in Austria. We have spoken to Dadat boss Ernst Huber.Consumer representatives recently voted Dadat Bank the best direct bank in Austria. That’s a good reason to interview Dadat CEO Ernst Huber.Mr. Huber, Dadat Bank has been voted the best direct bank in the country by the Austrian Consumer Studies Society. Which aspects do you consider decisive for this result?Ernst Huber: About two years ago, Dadat Bank started with the goal to be or become the most innovative and flexible direct bank in Austria. With our extensive product range, we now offer modern financial solutions around the current, savings and trading accounts – and at a unique price / performance ratio. In the course of this week, we will also start with the online consumer credit developed in recent months (up to €25.000 in the start-up phase). Furthermore, about two months ago, we were the first direct bank to launch an online asset management system (Robo-Advice) with ETFs with professional asset management and a low entry threshold of €15,000. We pay particular attention to usability in all our developments, applications and services. All information, services and applications available on the desktop can also be used in full on mobile devices.A fee-free account management is not self-evident in this country. Can consumers continue to trust Dadat to stay that way?Ernst Huber:– Especially in Germany, a fee-free account management for salary accounts is standard. In Austria, the most important direct banks do not currently charge any account management fees. However, there are already competitors who advertise with a no-fee salary account, but in the “”small print”” leave open the possibility of introducing an account maintenance fee (e.g. ING Bank). Dadat Bank does not currently intend to make any changes to the fee-free salary account.With an interest rate of 1.35 percent you outrank the competition many times over. Too bad that it stops after four months. What are your thoughts?Ernst Huber:– The new customer interest rate is currently 1.35 percent per year for four months. With an interest rate of 0.15 percent per annum for existing customers, Dadat Bank is one of the best providers in German-speaking countries.The Biallo savings index for overnight money is pointing upwards again. From a saver’s perspective, do you expect the eagerly awaited nationwide interest rate reversal? What is your assessment of the interest rate policy of the European Central Bank in the foreseeable future?Ernst Huber:– Interest rates in Europe have continued to fall in recent weeks. We do not expect a trend reversal in the next few months or even years.