In the career guide of the Austrian newspaper “Kleine Zeitung an article about us was published on Wednesday, 22nd May 2019. UNiQUARE challenges and supports outside the box thinking, creative spirit and inventiveness. As an internationally successful family business for over 30 years, we are currently strengthening our team especially in the business consulting area. Are you an outside the box thinker and do you want to contribute to the success of the company with your ideas and your commitment? Then you’ve come to the right place! Exciting and varied tasks and room for self-actualization are waiting for you.Click here for our current job offers: https://www.uniquare.com_test/en/working-at-uniquare/Translation of the article:Lateral thinking required and promotedUNiQUARE – the successful Carinthian enterprise expects its team to think outside the box.The 120-people strong family company from Krumpendorf has been supplying its ‘Made in Austria’ software to renowned banks all over the world for over 30 years. It supports creative spirit within the organisation. Deeply ingrained informal culture paired with open peer-to-peer communication create space for exchange of ideas and innovation. “At UNiQUARE there are no bad ideas and the boss need not always be right says Yoeri van der Horst, who has been working in business consulting for almost a year.After graduating from HAK, Yoeri looked for an employer to whom he could bring his many ideas and where he would feel happy. He hit it off with his future colleagues at UNiQUARE at the first interview. When one can think logically, has many ideas and is curious and engaged, one fulfils the best requirements in business consulting. “One must understand the customers and their often complex requirements in order to reflect their banking processes in the software as efficiently as possible. One always solves new puzzles and must try creative approaches explains Yoeri.Creativity is supported through very mixed make up of teams: they are banker, software developer, career changer, graduate from school and university and many more. They continuously collect their knowledge and experience.Team UNiQUARE comprises people between 20 and 60 years old from ten different nations. Thus, the enterprise achieves the perfect mix of sector expertise, international experience and the modern zeitgeist. “I work with so many different personalities and characters from whom I can learn and also make my own contribution to the successful project implementation. I find all of this in my job at UNiQUARE incredibly exciting adds Yoeri.INFO: open positions and further information at- – https://www.uniquare.com_test/en/working-at-uniquare/