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The 120-person strong UNiQUARE has employed nearly 1,000 people during 31 years of its history, even though Carinthia has only about 560,000 inhabitants. With its expertise and training-on-the-job program, the company established itself from the very beginning as the IT forge of Carinthia and shaped the IT education and profession significantly. Starting with 6 employees of the first hour, this number grew rapidly between 1988 and 1991 to around 250. After the first big boom, the number of employees stabilized at the average of 120 people and stayed relatively solid over the years. In Carinthia there are almost no IT companies that are not connected to GENESiS/UNiQUARE, since the most of IT professionals have been with UNiQUARE at different times. For those who are interested, we have enclosed some exciting articles (in German) from the early days.Copyright: Kleine Zeitung 07/1989 Artikel: GroöŸes Engagement gilt der Ausbildungund 12/1989 Artikel: Genesis eröffnet Weg für Software-Industrie