You are currently viewing UNiQUARE at the annual confernce “Mortgage/Baufinanzierung 2019” of Euroforum

Meet UNiQUARE at the annual conference “Mortgage/Baufinanzierung 2019 of Euroforum on April 11-12, 2019 in Cologne at Hotel Wasserturm. Alongside with 19 experts from banks and building societies, platforms, science and consulting on the subjects Interest Rate Reversal, Digitization and Rising Competition, Manuel Henrich, Director of Business and Projects at UNiQUARE, is looking forward to a lively exchange of experience. UNiQUARE is especially proud of its recent product innovations and customer projects in the area of Online Mortgage (phone: +43 4229 4000 149, email:- manuel.henrich@localhost).