You are currently viewing Did you know that GENESiS / UNiQUARE founder Dietmar Schwarzenbacher overtook Didi Mateschitz (Red Bull) in 1991 as an Austrian young entrepreneur of the year?
MATESCHITZ, Dietrich; Red Bull; bei der Verleihung des Jungunternehmerpreises 1991; Sieger; 1. Platz;

When GEWINN, together with IBM and Creditanstalt, named the country’s top 100 young entrepreneurs in 1991, our company founder Dietmar Schwarzenbacher became the Austrian young entrepreneur of the year, ahead of Didi Mateschitz (Red Bull, 2nd place). Minister of Economics Dr. Schüssel and CA Managing Director Dr. Schmidt-Chiari congratulated the newly-named young entrepreneur, who with his Carinthian software company GENESiS (today UNiQUARE), implemented the world’s most modern banking software.In 1991, he succeeded in developing an unrivaled IT banking solution (the ‘Move’ program), which provided the highest level of consulting expertise in a local network. Personalized analysis of the past bank transactions enabled the system to recognize that e.g. after a customer had paid off the last loan installment, new sales potential was available to the adviser. PC credit applications could be evaluated within seconds. With his decentralized banking solution, Dietmar Schwarzenbacher shifted the consulting competence from the central computer to the “”point of sale”” and thus achieved high cost savings. At the time, this won over not only the Länderbank, but also the two largest South African banks: First National Bank and Standard Bank and Swiss Cantonal Banks and the BMW Leasing Bank in Munich.Further information on the exciting development of the software, GENESiS, Dietmar Schwarzenbacher and his way to the Young Entrepreneur of the Year can be found in the attached article from GEWINN.Copyright: GEWINN 12/91Download article:- Top-100 Young Entrepreneurs of Austria in 1991Download translation of the article excerpt: Excerpt Top-100 Young Entrepreneurs