You are currently viewing Meet colleagues from UNiQUARE at the following events in spring 2019
  • 06.02.2019, Dusseldorf (Germany)Banks in Dialog (German: Banken im Dialog), microm
  • 07.02.2019, Cologne (Germany)Corporate Customers Day (German: Firmenkundentag), Bankingclub
  • 14. – 15.05.2019, Cologne (Germany)Innovations for Banks, Bankingclub
  • 18.06.2019, Berlin (Germany)Signature Day (German: Signaturtag), Bankingclub

Mr Olaf Bouwmeester will participate at these events on behalf of UNiQUARE. He is looking forward to discussions (phone: +43 4229 4000 530, email: bou@localhost).

  • 02. – 03.05.2019, Millstatt (Austria)Economic Talks at Millstatt (German: Millstätter Wirtschaftsgespräche), GPK Event- und Kommunikationsmanagement GmbH

Mrs Vera Led will participate at the event on behalf of UNiQUARE. She is looking forward to discussions (phone: +43 4229 4000, email: vera.led@localhost).