You are currently viewing Interview with Vera Led for the supplement of DER STANDARD “Women in Top Positions”

The respected Austrian newspaper – DER STANDARD published an interview with Vera Led, Member of the Executive Board of UNiQUARE, in its issue “”For Women – Together We Are Strong”” at the end of December 2018. Ms. Led was one of the three selected business women asked about “”women in top positions””. As Managing Director of UNiQUARE, she described her positive experiences in the IT industry, her passion for work and technology, and encouraged women to pursue professional development.

Translation of the interview:The managing director of a large software company talks about company DNA in her blood and why it is so important to be a leader.Why are women in the boardroom important?I find that women have different perspectives and solutions and that is absolutely necessary. Numerous studies have shown that women in management positions are good for their teams in terms of both results and social aspects.Have you noticed the glass ceiling?I haven’t noticed it. That may also be due to my nerd status within the IT industry. It was very helpful that our company never differentiated between men and women. However, I also know other companies in our environment.What is / was your professional role model?I always want to go through the world with my eyes wide open learning from my own and others’ mistakes. As a result, many people, such as our company founder Dietmar Schwarzenbacher, have made an impression on me along my way.What passion do you have for your job?An incredibly big one. Meanwhile, I would say that the DNA of the company flows in my veins. I enjoy going to work every day. It fascinates me to use the problem-solving techniques for users in such a way that they and their customers feel a high service quality. Accompanying employees in their growth and development is hugely exciting.What message have you got for other women?One of the most essential things is to stay authentic and seek a critical mind as an honest mirror that helps in the progression. And most important: Do not put your light under the bushel! Stand out in full light and do not be surprised that you cast a shadow.