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You can live with compromises.
Or be efficient.


UNiQUARE SELECTION is a modular approach that  provides solutions exactly where they are needed. The economic crisis changed the rules of the game. Previously banks could implement comprehensive solutions. Now, they face massive budget cuts allowing at best minimal solutions. However, the problems the banks faced remain and still have to be solved. UNiQUARE SELECTION gives a perfect answer to these requirements by providing fast and exactly targeted solutions. 

UNiQUARE Credit Default Radar is a warning system providing early recognition of credit portfolio risks before any actual payment defaults. Early identification of customers at risk of default allows the bank to take appropriate countermeasures quickly and counteract economic losses.

UNiQUARE Internet Loan is an efficient solution for online credit provision. It delivers simple and customer-oriented user guidance consistent with the look and feel of the bank. It leads the prospect quickly and easily through the lending process and immediately gives him a binding, individually tailored loan offer.  It allows your bank to stand out from the competition.

With the UNiQUARE Feedback Management you can deal with complaints in a very short time, the conflict resolution is fully documented and therefore the quality of service increases significantly.

With the UNiQUARE Contact Centre, routine activities such as appointments and responses to simple customer requests can be shifted to a call centre. Because of this saving of time, the customer service representative can focus mainly on his core tasks: consulting and sale.

Solve your problems quickly and cost-effectively

  • Quick response to current challenges
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Short implementation period – no long-term project phases
  • Seamless integration into existing IT landscape
  • Solutions in look and feel of the bank
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements