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You can leave your banking
business in peace.
Or optimise the process.


When we are talking about UNiQUARE PROCESS +, then we are also talking about the integration and combination of new with existing software packages in your bank.

UNiQUARE PROCESS + also takes care of the transfer and processing of existing data from different sources, as well as the integration of existing software - without process breaks and without re-entry of any available information.

Individual software modules from the UNiQUARE packages of customer relationship management (CRM), credit and transaction management are connected with the UNiQUARE PROCESS + philosophy creating fully integrated processes. Thus, your bank acts along clear standards, with optimised customer-oriented processes.

However diverse the demands on your bank and your employees: the key to success lies in optimal processes. The UNiQUARE PROCESS + philosophy is the right solution.

  • Implementation of optimised patterns (best-practice models)
  • Automated situation-related process management
  • Comprehensive history of activities and process steps
  • Systematic monitoring and evaluation of processes
  • Transparency of strengths / weaknesses in existing processes (product, customer, employee)
  • Identification of controls to increase efficiency
  • Rule-based data delivery and checking
  • Customer-and employee-related decision support
  • Defined competencies, tasks and processes for employees, teams and distribution channels
  • Flexibility in the change of responsibilities and procedures