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You can waste the time of your
customer service advisors.
Or optimise their workload.

UNiQUARE Contact Center

UNiQUARE Contact Center allows you to optimise the use of your contact center and allows you to turn it into an efficient, cost effective and always accessible communications interface of your bank. Owing to the transfer of routine tasks (e.g. appointment management, simple customer queries, etc.) to the contact center, the bank’s advisors can focus on their core task – customer advice.

UNiQUARE Contact Center includes both inbound and outbound processes. Our solution enables proactive identification of customer inquiries and a direct routing guaranteeing a swift and competent handling. For outbound activities, customer segments are defined in advance to avoid wastage.

UNiQUARE Contact Center ensures clear visibility of the whole customer care process, even with channel changes. You also raise your profile as a customer-oriented financial institution and thereby increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The option of full integration into the existing CRM is a key feature of our solution.