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In April 2016, UNiQUARE Software Development GmbH together with their partner Courtage Control Consulting GmbH (CCC) founded a new subsidiary by the name of MAKLERNET VA GmbH. MAKLERNET delivers VERA, the smart and innovative all-in-one solution for insurance brokers. MAKLERNET’s parent companies average almost 30 years of experience in the insurance sector (CCC) and in the international finance sector, as well as software development expertise (UNiQUARE).

Through its size, financial strength and flexibility, the collaboration of the two innovative and established companies guarantees a quick reaction to any new developments and compliancy of the product VERA with the top of industry standards.

VERA includes the combination of UNiQUARE’s state-of-the-art CRM product and CCC’s cross-sector data services. In this combination, the partners have advanced and realized the long-standing product development of the insurance broker solution VERA.

For further information about our subsidiary MAKLERNET and our newest product for the insurance sector VERA, please visit www.versicherungsapplikation.at.