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You can use a lot of time checking.
Or decide efficiently.

UNiQUARE LOAN - Checking and decision

UNiQUARE LOAN optimises the decision making workflow in lending. Our solution ties checking, approval and contract preparation into an automated and integrated process and this connects seamlessly with upstream and downstream processes.

UNiQUARE LOAN as the credit platform gives your financial institution complete transparency in all stages of loan processing - from consulting and application through the review and approval to the final decision and disbursement. Your employees in front-, middle- and back-office always have the necessary complete view of your credit customers, their applications and contracts and the status of each individual process step.

UNiQUARE LOAN integrates inventory management systems and existing services (including scoring / rating, workflow systems, document management system) and provides electronic interfaces with external partners (suppliers / brokers) and credit bureaux.

Owing to the comprehensive automation of the review and approval process (including four or more eyes principles, as appropriate) the security in the loan provision increases at low cost and with significantly higher efficiency