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You can react to the changes as before.
Or efficiently control them.

UNiQUARE LOAN - Servicing and inventory management

UNiQUARE LOAN supports your loan process during the term of loans, too. Whether it is prolongation, changes in security details or any other credit parameters, UNiQUARE LOAN optimises all processes associated with a change or re-evaluation of the loan. All process steps are carried out within our secure and flexible solution. All changes can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Changes necessary to comply with new legal framework, alterations in the bank's internal standards or to meet challenges of the market can be implemented quickly and consistently.  As they reside in the central UNiQUARE LOAN credit platform they become immediately available to all involved parties.

UNiQUARE LOAN enables transparency and auditable traceability of any changes in the individual process steps. Adjustable, standardised processes shorten lead times, ensure data consistency and avoid duplication of activities. The result is more flexibility with optimum safety.