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You can keep data on objects.
Or manage their consistent value.

UNiQUARE LOAN - Centralised object management

UNiQUARE LOAN enables centralised management of real estate, equipment and other assets in a single system and ensures a consolidated data management for all objects.

The centralised object management provides the ability to rapidly adapt to new requirements (e.g. regulated loan to value ratio) and the flexible extension to provide additional object attributes.

UNiQUARE LOAN has integrated interfaces to standard market valuation agencies and land registries. With our solution, you can regularly monitor the value of objects and allocation of securities, loans and people. We also give you the full traceability of changes across the entire property life cycle.

Our solution provides access to multiple systems avoiding redundancy in data entry and inconsistencies in data management. Integrated Geo Services and address validation support a modern map, distances and radius searches. Services for data import and export facilitate the introduction of a centralised object management.