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You can provide loans
like in the past.
Or more efficiently.


UNiQUARE LOAN improves your credit consultancy, sales and processing.

Our solution increases transparency and reduces the risks of your organisation. Standardised and automated processes shorten cycle times, reduce congestion and create effective control options. This results in significantly reduced processing costs and increased service quality.


UNiQUARE LOAN can be integrated into the existing IT landscape of your financial institution and enables the interaction of the existing information systems. UNiQUARE LOAN allows more flexibility in the credit products and processes and in distribution channels.

As a lending platform, UNiQUARE LOAN integrates processes, employees and systems, leading to significant improvement in the efficiency of loan processing. 

Lending platform

  • Standardised credit platform with networking of all involved organisations and competence units
  • Support of all steps in the loan processing
  • Standardised best practice credit processes adjustable to individual requirements
  • Easy integration of all distribution channels
  • Simulation of offers and early feasibility assessment  
  • Automated product suggestions, testing and forwarding
  • Short time-to-market for new / modified products and processes
  • Full transparency and auditable traceability
  • Flexible adjustment of credit products, process steps and user guidance