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UNiQUARE Internet Loan

Internet loans are now a penny a dozen. This presents the banks with a major challenge. The winners in this competition are not the providers that offer the lowest interest rate but those who quickly and easily lead the user to a definitive loan commitment.   

This is exactly where the UNiQUARE Internet Loan fits in. The solution quickly and simply leads the prospect through the loan process capturing his financing needs. The application maintains the bank’s look and feel. In the background, the bank checks the prospect’s credit rating and provides individual pricing. It then supplies individual product suggestions and possible alternatives. They are internally approved, binding offers. Within minutes, the customer can accept them and submit formal loan application.  

This binding process reduces the risk of losing the customer and gives your bank a decisive competitive advantage.

In the following checking and decision process within the bank, the bank checks the physical documents submitted by the customer against the electronic data. There is nothing to stop the loan contract if the data are correct.