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Adjusted strategy and strengthened leadership at UNiQUARE09. 11. 2016

Starting in November 2016, Boris Grasser and Michael Schwarzenbacher will support Vera Led with the strategic and operative management of UNiQUARE Software Development GmbH. They will work together, backing this newly adjusted corporate strategy and will ensure its consistent delivery.

The adapted corporate strategy centers around the company’s intention to focus on its strengths. Thus UNiQUARE’s solutions, which serve exclusively the financial sector, are built upon a unique combination of industry-specific knowledge, expertise in software development and the sound, future-oriented market knowledge of the company. Special importance is attached to the creation of additional value for the customer in a rapidly changing financial sector. The newly founded subsidiaries bring new potential by expanding UNiQUARE’s classic field of activity with the products VERA Versicherungsapplikation / Insurance application and optio Der Finanzmarktplatz / The financial market place.

The company’s strong commitment to the new strategy is expressed through former divisional heads Boris Grasser and Michael Schwarzenbacher’s appointment to UNiQUARE’s executive board. From November 2016 onward, they will share the responsibility for the company together with Vera Led, who has been part of the executive board since the end of 2004.  

“We are proud to follow in the footsteps of Dietmar Schwarzenbacher, the company’s founder, and to preserve and continue both the family’s and company’s traditions,“ Boris Grasser and Michael Schwarzenbacher announced as they look forward to their new challenge.

The implementation of the strategy has started with a package of measures. UNiQUARE adjusted its vision, mission and core values and stressed its unique selling proposition. This new strategic direction requires an optimization of the company to focus skills and increase work efficiency. Each employee will have to show very high degree of flexibility, which is indispensable in modern customer care.

„In this day and age, to succeed within the rapidly changing financial sector, overcoming old habits is the only way not only for our customers. It is especially true for UNiQUARE, since we are guiding our customers into the future of digital banking“, emphasized Vera Led. She is looking forward to a new chapter in UNiQUARE’s history with great anticipation and delight

In loving memory of Dietmar Schwarzenbacher sen., the founder of our company05. 10. 2016

After completing his studies in electrical engineering/construction and gaining experience both in building industry and with the funiculars of Innerkrems, Dietmar Schwarzenbacher boldly moved into the IT sector.  He was a branch manager at Nixdorf Computer for almost ten years. His next step were almost two decades with the Raiffeisen group. He fulfilled various roles including Head of IT and Organisation of Raiffeisen Banking Association of Carinthia.

In 1988, Dietmar Schwarzenbacher founded GENESiS Software & Consulting GmbH, predecessor of UNiQUARE Software Development GmbH. In the same year, he won the “Austrian Information Manager of the Year” award, followed by the “Newcomer Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 1991. Dietmar Schwarzenbacher served as UNiQUARE’s CEO until 2013. “Business with friends”, the company’s first slogan, would define his entire career.

In 2014, he handed over the operational management to Vera Led and in 2015, Michael Schwarzenbacher and Boris Grasser were given full management authority. Since then, Dietmar supported UNiQUARE as a management consultant and in 2016, he launched the initiatives VERA and optio by founding two subsidiaries named MAKLERNET VA GmbH and FMP Software Development GmbH.

Dietmar Schwarzenbacher considered UNiQUARE and every employee as part of his family. For every one of us, he was a constant mentor and a friendly spirit. We will always keep him in our hearts and memories with love and gratitude.


With deep sorrow,

Current and former employees of UNiQUARE and GENESiS 

UNiQUARE at the Retail Conference in Ljubljana14. 04. 2016

On the 31st of March 2016, the Bank Association of Slovenia (BSA) was hosting a conference for the bank-related private customer segment at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

About 50 members from the management- and board level of the Slovenian banking institutions, with particular expertise in retail banking, followed the invitation to take part in a series of interesting lectures and to network. UNiQUARE’s representatives Josef Laussegger, Management Consultant, and Natalia Wurmitzer, Head of Marketing & Communications, also took advantage of this opportunity to gain a fertile exchange of ideas and experiences.

The CEO of UNiQUARE, Vera Led, was among the speakers with a case study presentation about “alternative customer identification”. Her lecture included various possibilities of online identification, which UNiQUARE successfully implemented in its solutions in Austria and Germany. This solution allows the applicant (the bank customer) to use alternative sales channels for requesting a loan and receiving a legally valid loan agreement - with the comfort of not having to leave home. The bank benefits from the low costs of this new sales channel and a broader reachability of potential customers. The presentation received great interest from the attendants.

Vera Led, Josef Laussegger, Natalia Wurmitzer at the Retail Conference