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UNiQUARE at the European Forum Alpbach – 16.8. to 1.9.201704. 09. 2017

For the 72th time already, the European Forum Alpbach took place according the general motto “Konflikt und Kooperation - conflict and cooperation”. Between August 16 and September 1 about 5.700 participants visited the idyllic mountain village Alpbach in the north of Tyrol.

The top-level cast of speakers and participants from nearly every sector of economy and politics offer annually a unique environment for the discussion groups. UNiQUARE – represented by the Executive Board members Vera Led and Michael Schwarzenbacher - participated in the economic and financial market symposium. Very interesting lectures and interdisciplinary discussion groups made the European Forum Alpbach a highlight again, which is definitely worth a visit. 

Picture: ®Official Press Photos of Forum Alpach

Adesso Forum Banken 24. August 201725. 08. 2017

Insights and prospects of digitization and artificial intelligence

Frankfurt/ Main, Sofitel Opera

On the 24th of August 2017, representatives of UNiQUARE – Mr. Boris Grasser, member of the Executive Board, and Mr. Christopher Gsaller, Account Executive Banking – participated in the annual Adesso Forum Banken (Eng. Adesso Forum Banks). About 150 participants – mainly representatives of German banks – gained information about the latest trends and developments in the field of digitization of banking processes.

Key messages and learnings of the event:

• ongoing online communication with the customers in real-time
• extensive automatization of end-to-end processes
• banks are becoming a marketplace for standardized and individual processes
• IT is the enabler for a continuous improvement of business offers 

UNiQUARE places a workday in the service of a good cause22. 06. 2017

Already for the 4th time, UNiQUARE employees took „Verantwortung zeigen“ (Engl. show responsibility) in the literal sense and participated in the Carinthian wide charity Engagement Days 2017. UNiQUARE and its project collaborate, the day care center “Saluto, pro mente: kinder jugend familie” (Engl. “Saluto, pro mente: kids, youth and family”), organized a joint sporting day in a big park in Klagenfurt.
With up to 34 degrees centigrade, the joint teams – consisting of UNiQUARE employees and young people and caregivers of “Saluto” – were fighting against the heat in playing soccer, basketball and volleyball.
After the exhausting sporting activities, all participants had a chance to recover from the heat in the shady grill house, having a nice barbecue party, at the site of UNiQUARE.  

Business run 201730. 05. 2017

This year’s business running event took place on 24.5.2017. The start and finish area was as every year at the exhibition center Klagenfurt.

As in the past years, the UNiQUARE runners were highly motivated in participating in this competition. Our both teams – the UNiQUARE Running Turtles and MAKLERNET -> VerA läuft (Engl. VerA runs) met the sporting challenge and proved their sporting spirit. The teams made the 17th and 123th place out of approximately 230 teams.

Huge congratulation to all of our participating colleagues to the good results.


Innovation through cooperation11. 05. 2017

To encourage the mutual innovatory potential, which can be found in a cooperation between SMEs and start-ups is the main goal of the initiative Innovation Challenge, which is hosted for the 2nd time in Carinthia/Austria.

As a result, settled Carinthian SME are cooperating with start-ups in order to develop an innovation strategy.

On the 10th of may, the traditional fireside evening was hosted by the Junge Wirtschaft Kärnten (Engl. Young Economy Carinthia). UNiQUARE Board Member Boris Grasser and Manuel Henrich, Innovation Manager, participated in this event.

Project Manager and head of Young Economy Carinthia Marc Gfrerer welcomed 50 participants, and followed by a presentation of the 14 highly innovative finalist projects. As a special guest, Mr. Altrichter from a famous fund-raising TV show participated in the event.

Amongst others, the following established Carinthian SMEs were spotted: Philips, AddIT, Leeb Balkone, AsuT Computer, UNiQUARE, Europlast, Liebherr, Uppercut, Schenker, Anadi Bank Austria, Humanomed, Mazda, Dr. Oetker, Kelag, Jacques Lemans, Zoppoth, Kärnten Werbung, Stadt Villach, Kärnten Werbung und Wild.

Further information on the initiative Innovation Challenge you will find here:

Image from left to right: Mr. Gfrerer, Mr. Murat Selimagic, Mr. Altrichter 

Digital challenges: It‘s time for flexible recreation04. 05. 2017

In our constantly changing world, which is much faster moving, the challenges for economy and society are rising significantly. Todays’ working time regulations don’t meet the need for flexibility, both on employers and employees side.

That is why top-level Carinthian companies did participate in the event to discuss these challenges and how they could be overcome. UNiQUARE CEO, Vera Led was one the invitees.

Image from left to right: Manfred Jantscher, Christiane Holzinger, Vera Led, Michaela Ernst, Sonja Steger, Max Habenicht

• Max Habenicht, district chairman of Wirtschaftsbund Klagenfurt (Engl. Austrian Business Federation)
• Manfred Jantscher, Österreichischer Arbeitnehmerinnen- und Arbeitnehmerbund (Engl. Austrian Employer and Employees Federation)
• Vera Led, CEO of UNiQUARE Software Development GmbH
• Sonja Steger, Head of Marketing of Kärntner Landesversicherung (a regional assicuration company)
• Michaela Ernst, journalist und HR-expert in digitization
• Christiane Holzinger, StartUpStars, Member oft he board of Junge Wirtschaft Bundesvorstand (Engl. Young Economy federal board), Member of he board of Junge Wirtschaft Landesvorstand Kärnten (Engl. Young Economy district board)

UNiQUARE introduces itself as an interesting and attractive employer28. 04. 2017

Like in previous years, we took the opportunity to present UNiQUARE as an interesting employer in the region for Fachhochschule (FH, engl. university of applied sciences) und Höhere Technische Lehranstalt (HTL, engl. secondary technical school) alumni and to establish early contacts to potential new employees.

 At the Fachhochschule Kärnten in Villach the annual jobs fair for students “Meet&Match” took place on 6.4.2017. The fair addresses students of all disciplines, which the Fachhochschule is offering. There was therefore an interesting mix of the presenting companies of various fields at the fair.

The HTL in Mössingerstraße coordinates every year a “Company Day”, in order to provide the possibility to younger pupils to establish the first contacts to the world of employment. The current A-Level year gets the chance to introduce themselves to the companies participating in the show. This year, the Company Day took place on 27.4.2017.

Students as well as pupils did use this good opportunity in order to obtain first-hand information about the regional employers. We had the possibility to have various good conversations with potential employees and trainees. 

„Action & Talk“ with UNiQUARE – presentation of the communication mix14. 03. 2017

In February 2017, students of the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt wrote for network partners in the class of “Action & talk in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The results of the cooperation between the network “Verantwortung zeigen!” (engl. show responsibility) and the department of Media and Communication were presented at the University.

Together with in total 14 companies – 11 carinthian and 3 styrian companies –  UNiQUARE provided the students with the opportunity to prove their knowledge of „sustainability communication“. In this way, 35 students were able to verify the theories learnt at real cases and to create awareness of the importance of sustainable economy.

The following companies and organizations did participate in the cooperation: Dr. Oetker Österreich, ATRIO Villach, Naturel Hotels & Resorts, RINGANA, Diakonie de La Tour, Kindernest, Die Steuerberater, Goerner Group, Hirsch Servo, JMB Fashion, autArK, CTP, UNiQUARE und Alpen-Adria-Universität. 

Adjusted strategy and strengthened leadership at UNiQUARE09. 11. 2016

Starting in November 2016, Boris Grasser and Michael Schwarzenbacher will support Vera Led with the strategic and operative management of UNiQUARE Software Development GmbH. They will work together, backing this newly adjusted corporate strategy and will ensure its consistent delivery.

The adapted corporate strategy centers around the company’s intention to focus on its strengths. Thus UNiQUARE’s solutions, which serve exclusively the financial sector, are built upon a unique combination of industry-specific knowledge, expertise in software development and the sound, future-oriented market knowledge of the company. Special importance is attached to the creation of additional value for the customer in a rapidly changing financial sector. The newly founded subsidiaries bring new potential by expanding UNiQUARE’s classic field of activity with the products VERA Versicherungsapplikation / Insurance application and optio Der Finanzmarktplatz / The financial market place.

The company’s strong commitment to the new strategy is expressed through former divisional heads Boris Grasser and Michael Schwarzenbacher’s appointment to UNiQUARE’s executive board. From November 2016 onward, they will share the responsibility for the company together with Vera Led, who has been part of the executive board since the end of 2004.  

“We are proud to follow in the footsteps of Dietmar Schwarzenbacher, the company’s founder, and to preserve and continue both the family’s and company’s traditions,“ Boris Grasser and Michael Schwarzenbacher announced as they look forward to their new challenge.

The implementation of the strategy has started with a package of measures. UNiQUARE adjusted its vision, mission and core values and stressed its unique selling proposition. This new strategic direction requires an optimization of the company to focus skills and increase work efficiency. Each employee will have to show very high degree of flexibility, which is indispensable in modern customer care.

„In this day and age, to succeed within the rapidly changing financial sector, overcoming old habits is the only way not only for our customers. It is especially true for UNiQUARE, since we are guiding our customers into the future of digital banking“, emphasized Vera Led. She is looking forward to a new chapter in UNiQUARE’s history with great anticipation and delight

In loving memory of Dietmar Schwarzenbacher sen., the founder of our company05. 10. 2016

After completing his studies in electrical engineering/construction and gaining experience both in building industry and with the funiculars of Innerkrems, Dietmar Schwarzenbacher boldly moved into the IT sector.  He was a branch manager at Nixdorf Computer for almost ten years. His next step were almost two decades with the Raiffeisen group. He fulfilled various roles including Head of IT and Organisation of Raiffeisen Banking Association of Carinthia.

In 1988, Dietmar Schwarzenbacher founded GENESiS Software & Consulting GmbH, predecessor of UNiQUARE Software Development GmbH. In the same year, he won the “Austrian Information Manager of the Year” award, followed by the “Newcomer Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 1991. Dietmar Schwarzenbacher served as UNiQUARE’s CEO until 2013. “Business with friends”, the company’s first slogan, would define his entire career.

In 2014, he handed over the operational management to Vera Led and in 2015, Michael Schwarzenbacher and Boris Grasser were given full management authority. Since then, Dietmar supported UNiQUARE as a management consultant and in 2016, he launched the initiatives VERA and optio by founding two subsidiaries named MAKLERNET VA GmbH and FMP Software Development GmbH.

Dietmar Schwarzenbacher considered UNiQUARE and every employee as part of his family. For every one of us, he was a constant mentor and a friendly spirit. We will always keep him in our hearts and memories with love and gratitude.


With deep sorrow,

Current and former employees of UNiQUARE and GENESiS 

UNiQUARE at the Retail Conference in Ljubljana14. 04. 2016

On the 31st of March 2016, the Bank Association of Slovenia (BSA) was hosting a conference for the bank-related private customer segment at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

About 50 members from the management- and board level of the Slovenian banking institutions, with particular expertise in retail banking, followed the invitation to take part in a series of interesting lectures and to network. UNiQUARE’s representatives Josef Laussegger, Management Consultant, and Natalia Wurmitzer, Head of Marketing & Communications, also took advantage of this opportunity to gain a fertile exchange of ideas and experiences.

The CEO of UNiQUARE, Vera Led, was among the speakers with a case study presentation about “alternative customer identification”. Her lecture included various possibilities of online identification, which UNiQUARE successfully implemented in its solutions in Austria and Germany. This solution allows the applicant (the bank customer) to use alternative sales channels for requesting a loan and receiving a legally valid loan agreement - with the comfort of not having to leave home. The bank benefits from the low costs of this new sales channel and a broader reachability of potential customers. The presentation received great interest from the attendants.

Vera Led, Josef Laussegger, Natalia Wurmitzer at the Retail Conference

Vera Led presents at Risk Management Conference in Ljubljana03. 11. 2015

The 2015 Slovenian Risk Management Conference took place in Ljubljana on the 22nd and 23rd of October. About 90 representatives of Slovenian banking world met at the Slon Hotel. They spent two days on intensive exchanges regarding the developments, reforms and the current situation in risk management. The people present were from the management level like managers and heads of divisions as well as bank risk specialists who brought their subjects closer to the gathering through a series of exciting lectures.    

At the end of the two days full of lectures on risk management, Vera Led – the CEO of UNiQUARE, spoke about the early warning systems. Her entertaining presentation illuminated the top issue of credit default from the IT perspective. Despite the seriousness of the issue she demonstrated in a humorous way the scope of the UNiQUARE Credit Default Radar solution. Vera showed how the banks can early recognize alarming developments and take countermeasures before damage occurs. This significantly reduces the severity and number of credit defaults. The audience followed her presentation with keen interest.

That was the Risk Management Conference

Job fair as a communication platform11. 05. 2015

UNiQUARE has taken part in the Meet & Match job fair of the Fachhochschule Kärnten (FH Kärnten) for the third time. It is the perfect place for students to get an idea of potential employers, job market opportunities or just application advice. However, the job fair provides more than that. Companies can present themselves as attractive employers and recruit students already during studies. DI Irene Lepuschitz, HR Manager of UNiQUARE is convinced about the benefits, too: 'Companies are constantly searching for new talent and job fairs provide the ideal platform. They offer the opportunity to get in touch with potential applicants during studies, to expand networks and as a side effect to cultivate company's image. Several talks which started in a relaxed atmosphere have led to an employment.'

Some images of the job fair

Combined strenght for the customers20. 10. 2014

Under the motto ‘together, we can achieve more’ priorIT and UNiQUARE decided to cooperate. The partnership agreed on the 22nd of September aims at even better fulfilment of customer needs.

The goal is the best possible utilisation of the experience of the highly qualified employee resources. This ensures that both companies and the customers of priorIT and UNiQUARE  benefit from the solution portfolio of the highest technical level with great flexibility in responding to customer requirements.

Together, both companies can offer their customers comprehensive support and access to a wider range of competence.

Successfully implemented preventive credit monitoring tool13. 05. 2014

Innovative early recognition system from UNiQUARE Software Development GmbH has been live for a year at Hypo Alpe Adria Bank International (HBInt).  Introduction of this tool facilitated creation of a central monitoring platform. It enables comprehensive monitoring of business credit portfolio and introduction of process-controlled risk-minimising measures across various countries and subsidiary banks. The tool is in use in 19 financial institutions and 12 countries.

To the article: gi Geldinstitute 02/2014