You can neglect the legal standards and be liable for it.
Or you can control your advisors.

Financial Advisors

UNiQUARE CRMsmart for financial advisors has been developed especially for investment advisors and brokers and their respective requirements. The solution can be implemented very quickly. Additionally, the intuitive user guidance enables an easy acquisition of the solution and therefore leads to a quicker achievement of success.


The solution guides each employee through the whole process ensuring competent high quality financial advice. Advisor is more effective and has more time left for individual customer advisory.


UNiQUARE CRMsmart offers already in its base version all functionalities for an efficient management of existing customer relationships and allows the entire exploitation of the present customer-potential in the finance sector.


The solution is available in two different ways: purchase or rent. It grows with increasing business requirements. The application of the add-on package smartAdvanced enables a quick and simple upgrade of additional functionalities. Those features involve the import of customers, corporations and agents, the enlargement of screen templates, a tailor-made advisory form as well as a professional agenda. In addition, with an increasing number of employees, new users can be activated easily.



  • A holistic 360° view of the customer
  • Creation of all relevant target groups (agents, agent structures, private persons, corporate clients and their contact persons, companies)
  • Direct link to portfolio management
  • Comprehensive customer information and history of contacts
  • Multi-currency and multi-lingual capability
  • Supports a variety of sales channels and individual processes
  • Facilitates the billing of commissions