UNiQUARE develops business management software exclusively for financial institutions. We have chosen this specialisation for good reason: we focus on what we do very well.

Whatever we do, we do at the highest quality. These guiding principles have characterised our company since its inception 25 years ago. At our headquarters in Austria and our daughter and cooperation companies more than 200 employees work on the continuous development of our products.

The UNiQUARE Business Management software portfolio includes CRM, LOAN, BRANCH and PROCESS+ and supports your institution from the moment of customer acquisition up to transaction.

We supply software modules that can be integrated by your financial institution itself, or complete solutions from a single source - from the product through adaptation, configuration, integration and migration up to implementation consulting. Our solutions are characterised by their service-oriented architecture (SOA) and process-oriented design. The structured component design allows a complete integration into the existing IT solutions of your institution.
A variety of financial institutions with more than 200,000 installed work stations are already convinced of the quality and outstanding value of our solutions.


Michael Schwarzenbacher finished his high school in Klagenfurt and then continued with basic studies in economics at Karl-Franzens-University in Graz. He joined UNiQUARE's sales force immediately afterwards. He was responsible for the markets of Austria, Switzerland and the Middle East. In 2015, Mr Schwarzenbacher rose from the operative level to the extended executive board of UNiQUARE. At the same time, he assumed responsibility for UNiQUARE's sales department and took on executive positions in several of the group's parent companies. Mr Schwarzenbacher has been involved in many innovative software projects from asset managers to large banking institutions. In 2015, Mr Schwarzenbacher played a key role in the foundation of UNiQUARE's subsidiary MAKLERNET VA GmbH. MAKLERNET aims to make VERA, the innovative management application for insurance brokers, into a market leader within the insurance sector. Mr Schwarzenbacher was appointed to the board of UNiQUARE in November 2016.

Vera Led completed her education in computer science at the University of Klagenfurt in 1999. She started her professional career in the fields of analysis and consulting within UNiQUARE. She gained profound experience in consulting and project management working on various projects, particularly in Germany and Switzerland. Ms Led was appointed to the board of UNiQUARE in late 2004. She has focused on the production as well as the handling and execution of projects, internal business organization and supervision of the IT department ever since. Since 2014, Ms Led alone has carried full responsibility for the Company as UNiQUARE's Chief Executive Officer, until Boris Grasser and Michael Schwarzenbacher were appointed to the board in November 2016.

Boris Grasser has successfully completed his studies at Higher Technical College in Klagenfurt in 1996. In the following years, Mr Grasser worked as an engineer and then project- and sales manager in two companies within the construction industry, before switching to the IT sector. He worked for many years in mobile commerce and the digital market places. It allowed him to gain substantial experience and to contribute his ideas regarding mobile technology, digitalization and networking. In 2008 he joined UNiQUARE, where he spent five years working predominantly on loan applications in Germany. He worked closely with a multitude of banks and played key role in the development of many of these applications. During that time, he attended seminars in the fields of leadership, management and development (with a focus on software and finance). In 2015, Mr Grasser rose from the operative level to the extended executive board of UNiQUARE and assumed executive positions in several of the group's parent companies. In this position, Mr Grasser's responsibilities encompass innovation- and product management.  He became a member of the board of UNiQUARE in November 2016. Also in 2016, he assumed executive duties for the newly created financial technology company FMP Finanzdienstleistungs GmbH, which creates and operates an innovative B2B financial market place a unique endeavor within Austria.