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You can treat all your customers the same way.
Or approach them individually.

UNiQUARE CRM - Universal Banking

UNiQUARE CRM offers all the functionality of a successful customer relationship management solution. It was developed specifically for banks and is continually optimised.

UNiQUARE CRM gives your bank an extensive and high-performance CRM solution ensuring thorough system and information integration. The integration of UNiQUARE CRM with your existing information systems provides a total solution that focuses on the personal approach to your customer.

Your employees have access to continually updated, structured customer data and thus to new and additional sales and marketing opportunities across all customer segments. This allows them to provide a unique customer service.

Your account manager will advise your high net worth individuals, your demanding business customers and your retail customers more individually than ever before. Higher quality service at lower costs, increased efficiency and more sales and personal sales approach with optimised time management - these are just some benefits attainable with UNiQUARE CRM.