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You can treat all your customers the same way.
Or more individually.

UNiQUARE CRM - Retail Banking

UNiQUARE CRM increases sales opportunities of your bank, particularly with a large retail customer base.
Any future customer contact will be a personal conversation with the customer - significantly improving sales closure rates. UNiQUARE CRM will allow your employees to recognise sales opportunities faster and more accurately. This is achieved through a structured overview of each customer and by extensive process automation.

Our solution provides you with the systematic selection of customer segments, and structured contact with defined target audiences across a variety of communication channels. The success of your products and campaign management increases due to direct sales approach, reduction of wastage, detailed cost-benefit analysis, and exact analysis of success factors for future campaign planning.

UNiQUARE CRM allows you to achieve economies of scale, define optimisation and saving potential and turn your bank into a successful financial institution with the personal customer relationships at its heart.