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You can conduct your customer relations as before.
Or more personally.


UNiQUARE CRM improves the quality of advice and service, increases customer satisfaction and increases profitability. UNiQUARE CRM supports product-specific advisory and decision-making processes both directly and indirectly. The structured and optimised process control, in conjunction with helpful customer and product information, is the foundation of consistent success.

Integration of UNiQUARE CRM binds the existing IT systems into a total solution with personalised customer advice at its centre.

UNiQUARE CRM fits into the process landscape of your bank and enables a thorough documentation and historiography of the business processes using a common standard. These homogeneous data open new and enhanced communication and sales opportunities within an effective multi-channel management.

Advisory and decision-making processes

  • Reduction in costs owing to improved process efficiency
  • Comprehensive and structured information on customer preferences, product portfolios and risk profiles
  • Revenue increase owing to optimised service quality and sales performance
  • Centralised generation of sales suggestions based on best practice experience
  • Opening of new sales opportunities through cross- and up-selling suggestions
  • Task distribution and control of organizational units to allow for a timely response to changing market conditions
  • Prompt response to changed market conditions