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You can wait for a problem.
Or prevent it.

UNiQUARE Credit Default Radar

Banks often face the problem of not being able to recognise alarming developments early enough. Especially in the corporate segment, even a single default can cause serious losses. UNiQUARE Credit Default Radar is an early warning IT system aimed at avoiding financial losses caused by credit defaults.   

Creating transparency in the loan portfolio plays the key role. Indicators recognised too late are worthless. UNiQUARE Credit Default Radar periodically monitors the credit portfolio incorporating specific risk indicators, expert assessments and individual information about customers. This allows early recognition of trends.

Your financial institution will thus receive support in detecting alarming developments BEFORE the customer is unable to pay. Risk analysis can be done early. At the same time, you can create a customer focused action plan. This helps you not only protect your bank from financial losses but also strengthen the customer’s trust in your bank by focus on solutions.