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You can have your middle office and
back office work separately.
Or functionally integrate them.

UNiQUARE BRANCH - Middle office and back office

UNiQUARE Branch helps in developing the front, middle and back offices of your branches into one successful, efficient and flexible unit. Our solution enables high level of sharing of work and tasks in real time. Your employees use their time better, there is no redundancy in your processes and you achieve cost savings thanks to improved service and processing quality in all areas.  

Time-consuming and costly processes - such as cash ordering, delivery and distribution processes, cheque processing, safe management, account linkages, capture and scanning of signatures or master data management - are consolidated and transferred from the front office. They are handled safely and efficiently in the middle and back office. Our solution enables flexible allocation of individual steps according to each bank’s organisation and procedures.

With UNiQUARE Branch your service, security and flexibility reach a new level. General specifications for transactions, such as the fixing of exchange rates, limits and the like are set by middle and back office and made centrally available to the front office. At the same time, our solution enables also the necessary, decentralised decisions in the front office.