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You can leave your front
office as it is.
Or enhance it.

UNiQUARE BRANCH - Front office

With the support of UNiQUARE BRANCH you can increase customer satisfaction at the counter, build customer loyalty and respond to the changing demands of your branch customers.

Our solution allows your bank to integrate in the front office a number of functions, which are currently located in the middle or back office. These include the transactions, the cash desk, the services and product advice, and the introduction of simple banking products and third party products such as insurance.

The quality of service and sales opportunities increase, with significantly improved efficiency and lower risk due to automated processes and rule-based checks. All transactions are automatically documented and are auditable.

UNiQUARE BRANCH opens new consulting and sales opportunities for your front office employees through situation-specific sales leads and appropriate terms and conditions. Thus, every customer contact becomes a new opportunity, with pre-defined, risk-adjusted margins.