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You can give yourself a lot of time
dealing with your customers.
Or use it efficiently.


UNiQUARE BRANCH helps where it matters most – in the branches. That is where the efficient and competent advice (or lack of it) determines the success or failure of your bank.

Our software enhances the quality of service, shows existing sales potential and allows the alignment of your branch processes along clear cost-benefit criteria.

Integration of UNiQUARE BRANCH binds the existing IT systems into a total solution with personalised customer advice at its centre. Thanks to the modular design UNiQUARE BRANCH fits into the existing IT environment and guarantees redundancy-free data models, as well as continuous processes.

UNiQUARE BRANCH supports expanded branch banking including sales and consulting.  It provides perfect multi-channel management. 

Our software increases quality of service

  • Improved quality of consulting, service and sales
  • Increased cross- and up-selling potential
  • Complete transparency of all processes
  • Structure data supporting control and optimisation of the existing organisation
  • Automated and integrated processes
  • Efficient and secure procedures