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Vera Led presents at Risk Management Conference in Ljubljana03. 11. 2015

The 2015 Slovenian Risk Management Conference took place in Ljubljana on the 22nd and 23rd of October. About 90 representatives of Slovenian banking world met at the Slon Hotel. They spent two days on intensive exchanges regarding the developments, reforms and the current situation in risk management. The people present were from the management level like managers and heads of divisions as well as bank risk specialists who brought their subjects closer to the gathering through a series of exciting lectures.    

At the end of the two days full of lectures on risk management, Vera Led – the CEO of UNiQUARE, spoke about the early warning systems. Her entertaining presentation illuminated the top issue of credit default from the IT perspective. Despite the seriousness of the issue she demonstrated in a humorous way the scope of the UNiQUARE Credit Default Radar solution. Vera showed how the banks can early recognize alarming developments and take countermeasures before damage occurs. This significantly reduces the severity and number of credit defaults. The audience followed her presentation with keen interest.

That was the Risk Management Conference

Job fair as a communication platform11. 05. 2015

UNiQUARE has taken part in the Meet & Match job fair of the Fachhochschule Kärnten (FH Kärnten) for the third time. It is the perfect place for students to get an idea of potential employers, job market opportunities or just application advice. However, the job fair provides more than that. Companies can present themselves as attractive employers and recruit students already during studies. DI Irene Lepuschitz, HR Manager of UNiQUARE is convinced about the benefits, too: 'Companies are constantly searching for new talent and job fairs provide the ideal platform. They offer the opportunity to get in touch with potential applicants during studies, to expand networks and as a side effect to cultivate company's image. Several talks which started in a relaxed atmosphere have led to an employment.'

Some images of the job fair